Fiscal memory devices Killowatt-hour meters
Certified Integrated Management System in accordance with ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007

Carat Mobica-KL is a portable cash register with fiscal memory, with built-in E-Journal and Tax terminal for connection with NRA and meeting the requirements of Regulation No H-18 of the ministry of Finance of Republic of Bulgaria.

The cash register is easily used in shops, pharmacies and restaurants with power supply 220 V. By adding a battery unit (option) the device can continue even in case of failure from the mains voltage.

Its extremely small dimensions and weight make it particularly suitable for working in the sphere of door-to-door sales and home services, postal and delivery services, medical services, indoor and outdoor stalls.


Operating modes

  • Shop
  • Restaurant

Communication protocol ISL. Up to 120 simultaneously opened bills, up to 100 accumulations per bill

  • Number of PLUs - 2000  
  • Name of PLU – up to 24 symbols  
  • Articles barcode - EAN-13, EAN-8
  • Number of departments - 10, the first 8 are selectable by quick keys, and the rest by alternative selection key and the digital keys
  • Number of operators – up to 10
  • Number of tax groups – up to 8
  • Type of payment - cash, credit, cheque, card, voucher or coupon; cash, with alternative currency (EUR)                                                                                    
  • E-Journal - 1GB
  • Power supply – adapter with output - DC 7.5V/2400mA, input -100-240V 50-60Hz
  • Fiscal memory - volatile FLASH memory, with volume which allows storing at least 2000 Z- reports, with provided volume of service area for e-journal signatures and a separate area for testing
  • Thermal printer, 2-inch - Тип APS FM215 LV
  • Print speed -19 lines/77mm per second; Symbols per line - 48
  • Graphical logo of the client –maximum size 384 х 96
  • Operator display -GDH-153;Client display -GDH-153 - option
  • Keyboard - 29 keys - 12 digital and 17 functional
  • Built-in accumulator -ensures autonomous operation and printing of not less than 2500 text lines
  • Clock / calendar –Working capacity not less than 150 days after switching off the power supply from the adapter
  • Temperature range - 0оС – 45оС
  • Dimensions - 189/90/54 mm
  • Weight - 0,320kg
  • Interface RS-232С –for connection with РС (parameterisation and mode "Fiscal printer); electronic scale; barcode scanner – type RS-232С
  • GPRSGSM communication - integrated GPRSGSM modem with HTTP/XML connection with NRA server in accordance with Regulation 18/2010.